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A life where despite the lack of resources, your community supports you to succeed.


A life where you do not know where to turn for help and someone arrives to support you.


Imagine YOU can help someone receive the support they need to enjoy their life and thrive in it.


Helping to empower families and professionals in other countries is our mission.


Empowering them to feel confident in that they can help support the growth and development of their child.


 YOU can help empower a family. 

 YOU can help empower caretakers. 


Donations are allocated to a specific project. As a sponsor, you can request to receive information on the project your donation has funded and about the children your funds directly helped. Real-time information on the program missions you have sponsored can be viewed via our Instagram or Facebook page. See below for information on our program missions.


1- Your donation of $50 helps fund free direct one-to-one consultation, training, and support.


2- Your donation of $100 allows us to provide materials and follow-up support to the selected program in addition to free direct one-to-one,  consultation and/or training. 

Any other donation amount is happily welcomed! Contact us if you'd like to sponsor an entire project. Projects range fro $250 a year to $10,000 a year.

International Program Missions

  • Consultations to Families: education, training, provide materials, link them to resources.

  • Orphanages: hands-on staff training, provide necessary materials, creating activity schedules to increase stimulation and development.

  • Schools: hands-on staff training, provide necessary materials, curriculum development

  • Organizations/Institutions: hands-on staff training, activities to promote development, provide necessary materials

  • Workshops: small group training and education workshops for families, therapists, health professionals, and teachers

  • Materials: necessary equipment is provided to families in need or institutions helping their community

Areas of Support

  • Give a Child a Voice: identifying the best form of communication for a child, providing the materials/equipment, training in its use

  • Behavior Management: teaching practical strategies to promote positive behavior by teaching what to do instead, materials provided as is needed

  • Activity Schedules or Curriculum Development: collaborating to create stimulating and enriching days as well as increasing learning opportunities, materials provided as is needed

  • Adaptive Aids: providing necessary materials to enhance independence 

For general information on our International Programs, please click here for more information.

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