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Programs are open to all children and adults with a documented diagnosis. Some programs may be diagnosis specific.

All programs are offered for a minimal cost averaging between 80-95% less than what it would typically cost. Everyone is invited to participate in our programs. Some programs may be based on a sliding scale.

All programs require the participation of the parent or guardian. Caregivers learn strategies to help facilitate learning as they participate together with their child in small-group therapy activities focused on specific developmental and learning areas.

Academic and Therapy Programs currently offered in Miami-Dade County and Broward County. Sponsorship opportunities are available to help us expand our services.


Academic Programs

Phonetic Reading Program

The Phonetic Reading Program utilizes a Phonetic Hand Cues to facilitate learning the phonetic sound of each letter for reading words. Click here for more information.



The Math Advancement Program is an educational-based program that teaches specific math skills from basic addition to multiplication and fractions.​ Parents must participate in the program. Led by a regular education teacher and a special education teacher.

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Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension Program focuses on improving comprehension of what is read utilizing visual supports, such as concept maps and diagrams. 

Written & Expressive Language

The Written and Expressive Language Program focuses on improving academic-related language skills, including written and expressive language. Parents must participate in the program. Led by two therapists.

Therapy Programs

Language Programs

Communication Programs

Communicating with More Words focuses on expanding vocabulary by increasing the number of words used to answer questions via phrases or sentences.


Enhancing Conversational Skills focuses on social language skills in order to maintain and follow a conversation as well as initiate.  

Participants from our previous 10-week Language Programs all doubled 1- the number of words used or 2- doubled their skills in maintaining and responding to a conversation

Beyond Picky Eater

The Beyond Picky Eater program incorporates a combination of strategies from the science of behavior, such as shaping and reinforcement, and the Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding by Dr. Kay Toomay to expand the number of foods a child intakes.

Program currently on hold.

Give a Voice focuses on identifying an alternative form of communication for individuals who are non-verbal who have severely limited communication skills. The program teaches the use of an alternative tool for communication, such as the use of pictures, sign language, eye-gaze boards, communication devices, and tablet apps.



Handwriting Fun!

The Handwriting Program focuses on targeting specific weak areas to improve overall handwriting skills implementing the Handwriting without Tears program.

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